New type of small size high frequency low noisy precision oven controlled quartz oscillator (OCXO) MV218


Morion, Inc. has finished the development of new model of high frequency low noisy precision oven controlled oscillator MV218. This model has small size package 25x25x10 mm. Being packed in smaller package, MV218 OCXO ensures the same (or even better) performance, than well known OCXO models MV87 and MV136. MV218 has high stability (up to ±5x10-8) within wide operating temperature range and low noise performance up to -167 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset.

As of now, this model is being supplied with SIN output and 12 V power supply. Starting from 2nd quarter 2009, MV218 will be available with 5 V power supply. MV218 ensures fast warm-up after turn on - < 60 s.

Additional information can be found in corresponding section of product catalogue or data sheet.

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