Morion, Inc. is well-known as a worldwide designer and manufacturer of quartz frequency control products (FCP) - quartz oscillators, filters and crystals dedicated for various applications such as telecommunications, navigation, test & measurement, digital broadcasting, search and rescue systems, radars, frequency synthesizers etc.

As of today, Morion is equipped with state-of-the-art production and testing equipment and has the most advanced in the field technologies.

Over 80 years of experience and high level expertise of employees allowed Morion to become a premier producer in Russia and one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of high end quartz products. Morion holds a lot of patents for many original concepts in FCP field. Morion continuously conducts research and development to improve the parameters of existing FCP products and developing new ones.

Since 1999 Morion is an ISO-9001 certified company being recertified in accordance with ISO-9001:2000 back in the year 2003 and in year 2010 with ISO-9001:2008. Precision quartz oscillators manufactured by Morion are certified for use in programs of The Russian Federal Space Agency. Thanks to highly qualified personnel, effectively operating quality control system and technology excellence Morion successfully supplies products not only in Russia and CIS, but also to the markets of the USA, Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, Korea, China, Japan, Malaysia and many other countries.

Trade mark of Morion is registered in many countries: the USA, Korea, China, countries of EU.

Morion, Inc. in figures:

Main activity of Morion is development and volume production of the following products:

The whole production process from a quartz blank to a finished quartz oscillator takes place at one facility. Morion is a unique company with an advantage of all critical processes taking place in-house. It's one of the reasons that allowed Morion to become a reliable supplier successfully participating in long term and high volume projects. Thanks to our unique approach of establishing close working relationship between our engineers and our customers, we are capable to offer flexible solutions meeting customers' exact needs. This enables our customers to quickly respond to the changing trends and requirements and keep their competitiveness on the market.

Our advantages:

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