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Telecom test equipment

Morion, Inc. is an official distributor of telecommunication test equipment designed and manufactured by company LLC "ALTO" (St.Petersburg): 

"Wander Meter" - IVO-2

The IVO-2 wander meter is used for measuring phase wander and timing signals jitter in network timing equipment and network timing systems (NTS) in digital networks. The instrument corresponds to the recommendation ITU-T 0.172 and 0.171; branch standard (OCT) 45.134-99.

Scope of delivery:
• IVO-2;
• Notebook;
• Software application works under Windows 95, 98, ХР;
• Additional frequency calibrator of rubidium source with GPS signals;
• Dimensions of the instrument: 419x156x376 mm;
• Weight: 10 kg;
• Power consumption: 100 W;
• AC mains: ~220 V / 50 Hz.

The instrument is designed for continuous 24 hour operation with any sample period divisible by 0.005 sec. Measurement time can be set to any value divisible by 1 sec.

IVO-2 performs functions of:
• phase wander measurer in two digital signals simultaneously (2048 kHz and/or E1), including:
• measurement of time interval error (TIE) of timing signals with resolution under 100 ps.
     • calculation of phase wander parameters of timing signals: maximum time interval error (MTIE), time deviation (TDEV), relative frequency instability (Df/f) and SSM bit;
     • comparing characteristics of TIE, MTIE and TDEV with the masks of Recommendations of ITU-T: G.811÷G.813, G.823, standards of ETS 300 462 (3-7), РД 45.230-2001, Р 45.08-2001 and Р 45.09-2001. More than 100 masks at all.
• imitator of parameters of frequency instability and phase drift of the sequences with the frequency of 2048 kHz and E1 and with the following informational content: PSP (215-1), or all «0» or all «1» (AIS) or alternation of «0» and «1», supports SSM bits. Changing of relative deviation of timing frequency of model signal in the range from ± 1x10-13 to ± 5x10-6 with step of ± 1x10-13 and modulation of these signals by the frequency in the range from 1 to 1x10-7 Hz with the modulation amplitude within the limits from 10 to 50000 ns.
• jitter measurer of pulse pattern 2048 kHz and E1 in the range from 0,01 to 0,45 of unit interval (UI). The results of measurements are represented in digitalized and graphical form within the time of measurement of 60sec.
• reference signal generator (based on rubidium source) 1 pps and 5 and 10 MHz and 2048 kHz under load resistance of 75 and 120 Ω and the flow of 2048 kbit/sec under load resistance of 120 Ω.
• comparator of standard frequencies with the nominal of 2048 kHz, 5 and 10 MHz with accuracy of 1×10-12 within the time of more than 1000 sec, with graphical representation of results.

The instrument provides the possibility of simultaneous measurement of 2 synchrosignals 2048 kHz and/or 2048 kbit/sec with input resistance of 75, 120 Ω or more than 3 kΩ. While using frequency calibrator after 2 hours of work the relative instability of standard frequencies will not exceed ± 2x10-11 and after 6 hours of work the relative instability of standard frequencies will not exceed ± 3x10-12. Then (irrespective of duration of measurement time) under all destabilizing factors, the long-term relative instability of standard frequencies will not exceed ± 3x10-12, that allows to carry out any measurements, including measurement of characteristics of primary standard oscillators (PRC).

The instrument can work from external source of the stable frequency of 2,048 or 5 or 10 MHz. The instrument allows calibrating its rubidium generator automatically or manually by these frequencies and GPS signals. It is supplied with Russian and English software.

The instrument allows to insert comments and to use electronic magnifier with the help of the mouse or by setting data. The instrument allows changing view coordinates smoothly. The report is drawn up on 1 or 4 pages by all parameters (TIE, MTIE, TDEV and Df/f). It builds in up to 6 different masks for each parameter with automatic color change. It has a possibility of elimination of a part of diagram and a possibility of simultaneous displaying of 6 previously measured diagrams. Demo with normal or speeded up data exchange emulation is built-in. Possibility of preview of all measured diagrams gathered in one folder is provided. It is possible to take measurements against the measurement that were taken earlier. Automatic scaling of diagrams is carried out due to active diagram or due to all diagrams. File and mask loading and masks editing software utilities are provided.

The instrument includes indication of presence or absence of synchrosignals being measured and of forbidden understatement of their level, presence of supply voltages, normal operation of rubidium source and management from calibrator.