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39th Annual PTTI Meeting 2007

On 26 - 29th November 2007 Morion, Inc. has taken the part in annual international conference PTTI. This conference is one of the leading events in the field of strategic systems and applications in precise time.

Conference's web site is

From 29.11.2007 till 30.11.-0001 , Long Beach, California, USA

12th International Industrial and Economic Forum «Russia United»

12th International Industrial and Economic Forum "Russia United" has taken the place in Nizhny Novgorod from 12 to 16 September 2007. Forum "Russia United 2007" was held under the support of Government of Russian Federation and was organized by Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Russian Federation, Assembly of Peoples of Russia, Government of Nizhniy Novgorod region and All-Russia CJSC "Nizhegorodskaya Yarmarka". The main objectives were Government industrial policy, demonstration of latest achievements in science, industry and social fields, international cooperation and contribution to favorable investment environment in regions. Total number of the participants exceeded 1500 people.

Additional information can be found at
From 12.09.2007 till 30.11.-0001 , Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

International exhibition and conference «TimeNav’07»

Morion, Inc. has taken the part in exhibition and conference «TimeNav'07», which has actually united two separate events: 11th European Navigation Conference - Global Navigation Satellite System (ENC-GNSS) and European Frequency and Time Forum (EFTF), organized by IEEE-FCS. The conference has joined together scientific community, private sector and international navigation organizations with the goal to exchange scientific ideas and promotion of new navigation developments.

From 01.06.2007 till 30.11.-0001 , Geneva, Switzerland.

II All-Russian conference «Fundamental and applied coordinate-time and navigational support» (CTNS-2007)

Morion, Inc. has taken the part in the conference, which has covered wide range of the issues dedicated to fundamental and applied coordinate-time and navigation support (CTNS) of the country, including conceptual problems of the development of Russian CTNS systems, the ways and methods of fundamental and applied CTNS, hardware and software methods of resolution of CTNS goals. More than 78 leading scientific, development, designing and production organizations, operating on the field coordinate-time and navigation support, have joined the conference. More than 120 reports were presented by 245 authors.

From 02.05.2007 till 30.11.-0001 , Saint-Petersburg, Russia

International exhibition «ELE Trade 2007»

On 17 - 19 January 2007 Morion, Inc. has taken the part in the largest international exhibition in Asia, dedicated to manufacturing of electronics and related products. Since the year of its establishment back on 1972, this exhibition has significantly grown and celebrated its 36th anniversary. During 3 days of operation more than 54700 visitors have come to see 1072 exhibitors from different countries.

Exhibition's web site is
From 17.01.2007 till 30.11.-0001 , Токио, Япония.